Many Beliefs, One Faith

Sermon Archive

Below are links to samplings of message topics delivered at Harbor Unitarian Universalist Congregation.  Each link takes you to a PDF of the message. Each message is posted by permission.

1/19/2020 – “The Spiritual Secularity of Martin Luther King, Jr.” – Rev. Dr. Harold Porter

12/29/2019 – “Scrooge, Father Time, and Alice’s White Rabbit”– Rev. Marie Cisneros 

7/7/2019 – “American Civic Religion” – Rev. Dr. Harold Porter

2/10/2019 – “One Human Family,” Rev. Dr. Harold Porter

12/16/2018 – “Nice is Nice — Be Good for Goodness’ Sake,” Rev. Dr. Harold Porter

10/14/2018 -“Acting in Good Faith: Is This the Time to Laugh or Weep?” Rev. Dr. Harold Porter

6/24/2018 – “Loyalty Oaths and Non-Violent Resistance” – Rev. Dr. Harold Porter

1/7/2018 – Epiphany – “Wisdom for a New Year” Rev. Dr. Harold Porter

10/11/2015 – “The Alternative to Religion?” – Rev. Dr. Harold Porter

3/4/2017 – “Theodore Parker,” – Bruce Froelich

9/20/2015 – “The Stories We Tell,” Linda Palter

8/9/2015 – “A Morning in Africa: Lessons Learned,” Scott Braspenninx

5/18/2014 – “Church During Difficult Times,” Rev. Nana Kratochvil

4/20/2014 – “What If I Gave All I Have? The True Meaning of Easter,” Joshua EldenBrady

3/30/2014 – “Change Is Gonna Come,” Tom Wagner

2/2/2014 – “Imbolc – In the Belly,” Kwame James

1/12/2014 – “Building the Beloved Community,” Rebecca St.Clair

1/5/2014 – “Reproductive Justice,” Dani Vilella

12/29/2013 – “Hopes and Dreams for 2014. Yours and Mine,” Rev. Bill Freeman

12/15/2013 – “The Power of Intention,” Alfredo Hernandez with a poem by Angelo Hernandez Sias

12/18/2013 – “To Be Born Human is Simply Divine,” Rev. Bill Freeman

11/10/2013 – “Gratitude Sunday,” Rev. Bill Freeman

8/25/2013 – “If We Can’t Be Snarky, What Can We Be?” Tim Hamlin

8/18/2013 – “Spiritually Incorrect Enlightenment,” Dr. Linda Palter

3/10/2013 – “Come Again?” Rev. Bill Freeman

3/3/2013 – “Sorry About That,” Rev. Bill Freeman

12/23/2012 – “What If Jesus Were Born Again?” Rev. Bill Freeman

11/18/2012 – “Life Is A Gift, Not A Sentence,” Rev. Bill Freeman

11/4/2012 – “What Is A Church?” Rev. Bill Freeman

9/30/2012 – “Yes It Is Us,” Barb Kidd

5/20/2012 – “2,4,6,8 Who Do We Appreciate”, Rev. Bill Freeman

2/19/2012 – “Whitney Houston’s Spirit Lives On,” Rev. Bill Freeman

2/5/2012 – “The State of Spirituality 2012,” Rev. Bill Freeman

12/11/2011 – “Beginning. Becoming. Belonging.” Rev. Bill Freeman

11/20/2011 – “Everyday Should Be Thanksgiving,” Rev. Bill Freeman

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