Many Beliefs, One Faith


Sunday Worship Services


11:00 a.m.
1296 Montgomery, Muskegon, MI 49441

For further information call 231-755-2932

Services for June 2018:

June 3 – “Flower Communion” – Margot Haynes
This will be an inter-generational service to honor graduates and
Religious Education teachers.  Show your pride in our youth and
bring a flower from your yard to contribute.
* Choir Sunday *
* Noisy Offering *
* Mission for Area People – and their pets – collection *

June 10 – “Give Them Not Hell, But Hope ” – Rev. Harold Beu
Words taken from a saying by John Murray, considered to be one of the
founders of Universalism in America.  Says Rev. Beu, “As I have gotten older, I find myself resonated
more with the Universalist message, i.e., God is Love; from that theological stance
we can find hope, and (not that I necessarily believe in God) we need hope now.
Here’s hoping you will find your way in this troubled world of ours.”

June 17 – “Emerson, Early Unitarian Intellect” – Bruce Froelich
You may have noticed the name Emerson on a sanctuary door at HUUC.  Who was
Ralph Waldo Emerson, what was his role in early Unitarianism, and who were his
neighbors in Concord, Massachusetts?  Come find out and listen
to some of his writings, too.
* Community Connection Collection *
* Soup Sunday *

June 24  – “Loyalty Oaths and Non-Violent Resistance” – Rev. Harold Porter
Our country is seriously divided.  We need both Civil and
Religious commitments.

UPCOMING:  July 1st is “Free Speech Sunday” –  Observed each year on the Sunday
closest to July 4th.  Anyone can request time to speak to the congregation that day
about whatever subject you wish, although we do ask you to be mindful that young children
may be attending.  To facilitate organizing this open invitation event please contact
Bruce Froelich in advance.  Length of each speaker’s time will be 3 minutes, preference
given to those who sign up with Bruce ahead of time.  His email address is
Come to speak and to listen!