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Services for December 2019:

December  1 — Thinking Thanks and Assessing Arrivals” – Dr. Brent Smith
As this culture’s holiday calendar moves through Thanksgiving and into Advent, the issue surrounding how to read history comes fully to the fore. What can be made of Thanksgiving, an important question for Unitarian Universalists since the religious tradition’s Pilgrim forebears compose one of the two central groups in the cultural narrative? And the season of Advent doubles down on the issue of how to read history as it, too, involves an arrival that challenges ideas of how history is to be told and understood.

December 8 —Magic and Miracles: The Stories and Mythology
of Christmas
” – presented by the Bittersweet Christmas Band
* Community Connection Collection to benefit the
Michigan Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Network (MUUSJN) *
There are many stories associated with the winter holiday season, and most of them involve magic and miracles. Over time, this mythology continues to grow, spawning new stories to complement the old ones. Band members will sing holiday songs old and new, and share how the mythology of this often magical, sometimes bittersweet season has touched their lives personally.

December 17 — Grilling Pagans, or Whose Holiday Is It Anyway?” — Ted Jaw
In this season shared by many, we will give you the opportunity to ask a pagan, witch, heathen, VooDoo practitioner what the ‘holidays’ are to him and the many others who are like him? Please bring your own questions and your own experiences if you are ‘one of the above’.”

December 22 — “Yes, Virginia… ” — Jessica Mae Sheldon
An 8-year old’s question of “Is There a Santa Claus?” written to the The New York Sun inspired an editorial of philosophy and folklore whose legacy still inspires us over a century later. “The most real things in the world are those neither children nor men can see.”
*Choir Sunday*

December 29 —Scrooge, Father Time, and Alice’s White Rabbit” — Marie Cisneros
A discussion of the symbols and wisdom in these myths and stories and why there is always time to change, no matter how late we think it is.