Many Beliefs, One Faith


Sunday Worship Services


11:00 a.m.
1296 Montgomery, Muskegon, MI 49441

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Services for August 2019:

August 4 — “One Wild and Precious Life” – Rev. Colleen Squires
Mary Oliver was well loved by many Unitarian Universalists. We will look at her life and the theology found in her poetry. Our reading are a few of our favorites of Mary Oliver’s work.

August 11 —Remembering Toni Morrison” – Angelo Hernandez

August 18 —Passive Genocide” — Joe Glatz
AIDS swept through the LGBTQ+ community in the1980s and 1990s to devastating effects. But it didn’t have to. Thousands died to inaction on the part of people who had the power to step and chose to turn a blind eye. Meanwhile, people across the United States who saw the destruction first-hand chose to ACT-UP for their own lives and the lives of their fellow humans. They did not play at respect- ability. They were running out of time. The legacy of both reverberates still today.

August 25 —Our Most Challenging U. U. Principle” — Rev. Dennis McCarty
75 years ago this summer, German Army officerstried to assassinate Adolf Hitler in a plot code- named “Valkyrie.” Their story raise important ques-tions at the heart our First Principle. Do even peoplelike Hitler have “worth and dignity?” Who gets tojudge? By what right do we judge? Rev. Dennis willplumb the history for answers.