Many Beliefs, One Faith


Sunday Worship Services


11:00 a.m.
1296 Montgomery, Muskegon, MI 49441

For further information call 231-755-2932

Services for February 2019:

February 3 – “One Human Family” – Rev, Harold Porter
From one blood God made everyone to live on the face of the earth.”  World
Communion and how change is in order.
* Special Music by Just Us and Betty Porter *
* Noisy Offering *

February 10 – “Vegans, Vegetarians & Living Our Seventh Principle:
It IS Easy Eating Green” – Rev. Marie Cisneros
A discussion about veganism and vegetarianism, its connection
to the UU Seventh Principle and why it is vital for our health and the health
of our planet to strive towards incorporating more plant-based foods in our
meals.  And even if we don’t choose to become more vegan or vegetarians;
we can have a better understanding of those who do choose this path.

February 17 – “Love and Chocolate” – Dianne Thole
Please join us for chocolate communion Sunday
* Choir Sunday *
* Community Connection Collection

February 24 – “In Gratitude” – Fred Stella
Unitarian Universalism helps birth Hinduism in the USA.