Many Beliefs, One Faith


Sunday Worship Services


11:00 a.m.
1296 Montgomery, Muskegon, MI 49441

For further information call 231-755-2932

Services for September 2019:

September  1 — “Letting Go – When All We Want to Do is Hang On
– Rev. Marie Cisneros
We all feel the need to cling to something from time to time; relationships, jobs, money, possessions; as well as ideologies, traditions, and ideas. But by clinging to habitual ways of living and thinking, we are less inclined to give them up for the unknown. The Buddha knew that this clinging is the cause of suffering and that our happiness and our freedom
come from what we offer.

September 8 —Homecoming!” – Carolyn Holmes
Shake off our Summer stupor and embrace the return to an Autumn routine with our annual “Blending of the Waters” Ceremony. Each person is encouraged to bring a small container of water that represents a time, place, event, or feeling that has been special to them over the past year. We will blend our waters to represent our coming back together as a beloved community. The service will be followed with a potluck lunch so bring a dish to pass!.
* NOTE:  September 8th is the first day of our new schedule with our
morning service beginning at 10:30 a.m. *

September 15 —Super Chickens and First Followers” — Kali Forquer

September 22 —Eco-Spirituality” — Mimi Bush

September 29 — “T.B.A.” — Rev. Brent Smith