Many Beliefs, One Faith


Sunday Worship Services


11:00 a.m.
1296 Montgomery, Muskegon, MI 49441

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Services for February 2018:

February 4 – “Super Love,” – Rev. Elizabeth D. Barnum
Today is Super Bowl Sunday and Valentine’s Day is 10 days away.
How are your relationships of all kinds going? Feeling estranged, enmeshed, enraged?
Fighting, fleeing, freezing, failing? During today’s service, we will explore
what some of the wisdom traditions have to say about what’s hungry for attention in our
rational lives.  Rev. Elizabeth D. Barnum is an ordained minister (U.C.C.) and
currently resides in Grand Rapids.
* Noisy Offering *
* Mission for Area People – and their pets – collection *

February 11 – “Keeping Faith: Belief and Practice,” – Rev Mimi Bush
The notion is that sometimes “faith” is a belief system, a doctrinal teaching
which can leave us only in our heads and never affect our heart and hands.
That’s where practice comes in.  How do we practice our faith?  What do we do with it?

February 18 – “How to Slay the Gerrymander,” – Representative from Voters Not Politicians
Voters Not Politicians (VNP) has petitioned to put nonpartisan
ballot issue this November to change how districts will be drawn
for MI House and Senate as well as U.S. House.  It’s to create independent
commission instead of gerrymandering by politicians behind closed doors.
The next step is to inform voters.

February 25  – “Disability Rights as Human Rights” – Janet Perreault