Many Beliefs, One Faith


Sunday Worship Services

NOTE  HUUC has suspended regular Sunday Services until further notice while in adherence to Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s guidelines for social distancing.  For those using Facebook and Zoom Conferencing, please join us for abbreviated Sunday services.  Simply request and email
with the Zoom link by clicking here.  A link will be emailed to you.  


10:30 a.m.
1296 Montgomery, Muskegon, MI 49441

For further information call 231-755-2932

Services for May 2020:

May 3 — Clement of Alexandria (150-215 CE).” — Dr. Lou Yock
Dr. Lou Yock of People’s Church in Ludington will join us on Zoom to present his message on Clement of Alexandria (150-215 CE). Considered a Church Father, Universalist and one time saint, he used pagan Greek philosophers to help explain Christianity, and saw religion as an anthropological development. While his pluralism would get him removed from the Roman Catholic list of saints, it makes him all the more attractive to freethinkers of all ages.

May 10  “Divine Feminine” – Rev. Mimi Bush
Affirming the sacred feminine all around and within.

May 17 — The Other Side” — Rev. Matthew Cockrum
Times of transition are always challenging. Part of what brings us through is the hope for what – and who – will be on the other side. In this difficult social and political climate, what is the other side you are hoping for and who is across the divide?
The Rev. Matthew Cockrum is a Unitarian Universalist minister who has served in congregations (Fountain Street Church as well as churches in Utah and Seattle) and as a hospital chaplain. He lives with his husband, Chad, in Grand Rapids, MI, where he also teaches yoga and offers spiritual direction.

May 24 — Expanded Remembrances” — Rev. Hal Porter
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders fields.