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City of the Dead

City of the Dead 2016


Where? Evergreen Cemetery, 400 Irwin, Muskegon, MI
When?  Saturday, October 8th from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.; Sunday, October 9th from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Tickets: $5; children under 6 FREE
Contact Person: Tim Hamlin at  Phone: 231.282.0571
More information on Facebook. Search for City of the Dead – Muskegon

HUUC’s “City of the Dead” has come of age as an annual event in Muskegon! Nearly 300 people converge on Evergreen Cemetery to spend about an hour touring the cemetery, listening to historically rich monologues performed by HUUC members and friends dressed in period costume. Throughout the early evening, nearly 20 actors portray figures from Muskegon’s past buried in the cemetery while tour guides escorted groups from gravesite to gravesite.

The past success of the event demonstrates what can happen when a community comes together to share in a common endeavor. We are all indebted to HUUC member Anna EldenBrady, the creative force behind City of the Dead, for organizing and assembling such a capable cast to represent our talents to the community at large. Congratulations to her and to the entire cast and crew!

City of the Dead 2016 Cast and Crew


Tour stops:
Captain Jonathan Walker – Tim Hamlin
Maria Piper – Melissa Lyman
Charles Hackley – Scott Sheldon
Winfried Gerrish – Adam Winters
Lucy Eames – Ramona Wallace
PF Women – Peggy Humphreys, Carolyn Holmes
David McLaughlin – Joshua EldenBrady
Eliza Langley – Jackie Engel
Clarence Zylman – Kurt Troutman
Gaius P. Kingsbury – Bruce Froelich

Tour guides:
Margaret Hume – Kathy McDonald
Ambrosia Sanford – Rebecca St. Clair
Jenet Rodgers Jessica Sheldon
John D. Bennet – Joseph Glatz
Martha Waldron Janes – Ashley Schrader
Salina Hackley 
Janet Perreault

Kitty Lee – Darlene VanderKolk
Charlotte Marsh – Gwen Williams
Grave Digger 1
– Mary VanSlooten
Grave Digger 2 – Dale Humphreys

Thanks to ALL for your hard work!